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By going to the restaurant always seek advice from a real professional: the sommelier. He indeed has the required oenological experiment and the culinary knowledge to render successful your agreement dishes-wines. According, of course, the dishes that you will beforehand have chosen.

In this regard will be held soon in Brussels, the second edition of the ” National Competition inter-schools of Sommellery”. A competition which allows students about to graduate to perfect their knowledge on wines from the finest appellations doing part of the Bordeaux vineyards. Distributed on 63000 hectares in Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur. An additional motivation for these future sommelier to surpass themselves in their intended job which is a passion and a transmission to the others.

Another opportunity to discover these wines will be soon to journey in Bordeaux, at the occasion of “Bordeaux fête le vin”, from June 23th until the 26th. Do not hesitate then to go in the discoveries of the wealth of soils and what the best of the nature can offer you…

Olivier Bulto 



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