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Brussels has also passed to the green...of Ireland !

March 17th will not only celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, but will also be the opportunity to celebrate all over the world.


Brussels has also passed to the green…of Ireland !

Every year on March 17th, Eire celebrates the Saint Patrick’s day. According to the legend, this man, born around the year 385, had settled in Ireland to 430, where it would be converted to the religious life. As bishop, he sought to spread Catholicism in his country. In his sermons, he used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Today, the clover is frequently attributed to the celebration of Saint Patrick, but it is especially become the country’s national emblem. During this festival, it is customary to wear green clothes. The Saint Patrick is a big celebration all over the world. And even more celebrated to Armagh, the elected city where Saint Patrick based its first church.

The Republic of Ireland is not only Dublin, with also breathtaking landscapes. These can be seen among others in the shooting of films like in the last opus of “Star Wars” and others which are  ranked Unesco World Heritage. By any side that you arrive, there is not either at the beginning or at the end to discover the Ancestral Earth of Ireland, steeped in history and traditions. Embrace only the possibility of exploring Ireland through three themes and unique experiences: an Earth of 5000 years, the Historic Heart and the Celtic Coast. And above all in Eire, food is sacredThen it is not only  Guinness, cheese and brown bread.  But also the Irish stew, the “colcannon”, the bacon and cabbage or the famous “bangers and mash“. A country rich in gastronomic quality and fresh products: so do not hesitate to taste their meats, their fishes fished of the day, as well as their local vegetables.

Ireland is thus a country and a Republic of the Western Europe with a captivating culture, the Celtic mysteries and unexpected discoveries. A member, indeed, of the European Union since 1973, which inhales strength and tranquility and which is just awaiting for you…

Trailer of Saint-Patrick’s Day:

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