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An extraordinary #counterterrorism summit hold in #Brussels #paris #francec #terrorism


Yesterday, Monday 1 February, an extraordinary counter terrorism summit took place at the Chateau of Val Duchesse in Brussels.

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and his french counterpart Manuel Valls, joined by their interior and justice ministers, hold talks at 15.45 GMT.

The aim of the summit was to develop a French-Belgian bilateral cooperation on fighting terrorism and radicalisation.

Also, Ministers discussed about a more effective collaboration on migrant camps on the French-Belgian border.

According to officials, the two sides particularly talked about how to improve the flow of intelligence sharing.

After the Paris attacks on November 13, whose organisers came partly from Belgium, the forces of both France and Belgium have been working on high alert and in coordination.

Since the mid of November, 11 people have been arrested and charged in Belgium in connection with the terrorist attack. A key suspect, Salah Abdeslam, and his friend Mohamed Abrini, who are both from the Brussels’ neighborhood Molenbeek, are still at large.

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