Belgium has a new prime minister



Since yesterday night, we know that Belgium has a new prime ministers. Flemish ultranationalists (N-VA), liberals (VLD, MRà and cristiandemocrats ‘CD&V) have reached an agreement to have a new government after the elections of may 25th. This government will replace the tripartice which was led by Elio di Rupo (socialists).

The new government will be led by Charles Michel, 38,mayor of Wavre and president of the liberals (MR). It’s the second time that Charles Michel will become minister. He was already regional minister  the walloon region between 1999 and 2003.

Charles Michel is the son of MEP Louis Michel (ALDE).

The government will be sworn in by the King next saturday.

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  1. Belgium having a new leader is not what matters, the question is what is the new leader coming to do? Does he has a magic wand to change things which have already gone bad in Belgium? Under different leaders we often read such Apartheid Statements from the Flemish “We don’t want the Wallonians to come and live with us to destroy our community and culture.” Is the new leader coming to abolish such statements? I am an African residing in Belgium, if the Flemish could make such a discriminatory statement against their own people, then I am always right to say that intergration in Antwerp is the poorest compared to other European countries such as the Netherland. How can they like us when they don’t like their own people? It’s a shame.

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