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H.E. Ms Yang YANII, with EU consilium president Herman Van Rompuy. Pic: EUconsilium

A new Chinese Ambassador to the European Union was appointed: H.E.Yang Yani.

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H.E. Liao Liqiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Belgium celebrated, last wednesday, the Chinese New Year of the Horse. An evening under the sign of the strong relationship and friendship between Belgium and China, as well as the economic and trade cooperation between both countries. The Ambassador pointed out that 2013 was remarkable in terms of bilateral trade relations, however the period,and that since few months the figures are improving, announcing a significant recovery in 2014. Large Belgian companies are wel present in China, as well than more and more Chinese company settled in Belgium. The Chinese economy wishes to show a tendency to improve itself in the stability by improving the quality of its products, it posts a 7.7 % growth. It is recommended to position itself on the Chinese market, indeed, Chinese world imports border the 2000 billions of dollars last year, and they will increase fivefold in the next 5 years. The Chinese growth of approximatively 7 % is planned to remain or to grow, and will pull the world growth of a point of percentage according to analysts.
According to the ambassador, the bilateral trade relationship holds great potential because of the gap between China’s urban-rural and themany chinese regions. The horse symbolising the pioneering spirit, then Mr. Liao Liqiang hopes that the entrepreneurs of both countries will be galloping towards a “win-win” collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce as Belgian-Chinese as an hyphen. To this end, China will ease access to investments, create free trade areas and stimulate regional cooperation. And also will encourage its companies to expand abroad, Belgiumwill become its bridgehead in Europe.
Mr. Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of pensions, thanked H.E. Liao Liqiang and pointed out that the relations bethween our two countries date for a very long time. In fact, Belgium is the sixth largest trading partner of China in the European Union, and China is thesecond largest trading partner of Belgium outside the European Union.
To strengthen, again, the belgo-chinese friendship: a couple of panda will settle in the Pairi Daiza Park in Cambron-Casteau .
H.E. Ms Yang YANII, with EU consilium president Herman Van Rompuy. Pic: EUconsilium

H.E. Ms Yang YANII, Ambassador of China to the EU with EU consilium president Herman Van Rompuy.
Pic: EUconsilium

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