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Jag. CX 17 (1)

JAGUAR unveils the new concept “C-X 17 Sports Crossover” (SUV-4×4) in Frankfurt and is now at the Brussels Motor Show to discover.

The concept car was designed by Ian Callum: “We were caught out with the C-XF concept and underdelivered; we now need to show things we know we can deliver.” But the production version will be in the same range than the Audi Q5, Porsche Macan or BMW X3, and will be available from 2015 in concessions. Sister company Land Rover has, of course, a longer heritage and greater brand awareness as a maker of 4×4 cars than Jaguar, so where will the new C-X17 fit in this range?

Following Adrian Hallmark, global brand manager, “the Sports Crossover C-X17 represents a new direction for Jaguar. It serves to highlight our new architecture, which we call iQ [AI]-architecture smart aluminum. It is from this technical basis we can expand our range and develop our market and attract even more customers. iQ [Al] will extend the technology from our high quality products at a more affordable  price segment, associated with our ultra-efficient engines, we will be able to establish a standard of international excellence. If we add to these rational values​​, vitality, beauty and purity of the forms that have made ​​the reputation of Jaguar, here we have all the elements to make a great leap forward. ” Jaguar tries to enter the largest and fastest-growing market sector for premium SUVs, mainly in the far east. So why has Jaguar decided to launch an SUV now? “The tipping point came when we were doing the XF,” Callum revealed. “I’ve always resisted this type of car (SUV), but we sent a research team around the world, and it found this is what the world wants”. So who is the target driver for a Jaguar SUV? “There is an entire generation of 15 to 25-year-olds that doesn’t care about sports cars or saloons”, said Callum. “They aspire to own an SUV (especially in China). This is going to be a driver’s car; a proper Jag. If it appeals to school run mums, too, fine.”

The F-Type’s influence is visible in the pronounced rear haunches and the horizontal tail-lights, while twin exhausts, a roof spoiler and 23-inch alloys all confirm the SUV’s sporty intentions. Among the cars based on the new iQ[Al] architecture, Jaguar intends to offer super-efficient diesel models emitting less than 100g/km of CO2, while going faster than 300 km/h, as well as high-performance versions powered by the F-Type’s supercharged petrol V6 engine. The C-X17 has a rear-based intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, although rear-wheel drive is also possible with iQ[Al]. Sophisticated all-aluminium suspension should ensure tidy handling, boosted by torque vectoring, which brakes the inside Wheel.

The C-X17 combines elegant design and Jaguar sportsmanship to the driving position and the versatility of a crossover, withiQ[Al] architecture  modular, lightweight and extremely rigid. It will allow flexibility in design, livability and put into production.And form the basis of a new range of Jaguar accessible. The first vehicle based on this architecture is a luxury sedan thatwill be launched in 2015. The first monocoque aluminum car in its segment, with a new powerful and economical engineassembled in the new British plant group “Jaguar-Land Rover.”

The C-X17 has been designed by the Jaguar design team led by Ian Callum, Director of Design. A 2015 release date for the production version of the new Jaguar C-X17 is expected, and at a price starting around 35000€. So it will be the next generation of Jaguar at the price of a car…


 pic + text: Olivier Bulto


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